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About Paralegal Network Benelux

Paralegal Network Benelux is a leading organization for paralegals in the Benelux region and aims to support paralegals and promote their professional development.

The first Paralegal Network in the Benelux!

Did you know there are more than 1 million Paralegals active worldwide, including a large number in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg? Paralegal Network Benelux is a new knowledge network and professional organization in one. Our network’s primary mission is to provide career support for Paralegal professionals and help them stay future-proof as the legal world evolves and changes.

The Paralegal Network joins and connects Paralegals and provides crucial information and training. It is also a wonderful platform for meeting colleagues who work or live in another country. For example, at the Paralegal Day organized annually by Paralegal Network Benelux to bring Paralegals from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg together for a day packed with valuable information and workshops.
National Paralegal Day has been a years-long fixture in the USA as a day to celebrate and show appreciation for the job Paralegals do. According to the National Today website: ‘National Paralegal Day occurs annually on October 23. The day honors the work of paralegals and legal assistants in law offices throughout the United States.’

Paralegal Network Benelux is now also celebrating this holiday across the Benelux, with the first edition coming up in October 29th this year!

To celebrate the foundation of Paralegal Network Benelux, we are holding three free gatherings in June 2023 (one each in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). During these gatherings, we’ll also outline how the network serves legal support professions. Plus, there’s a free Paralegal Goodie Bag for all attendees!

The gatherings will kick off in Zuidas (Amsterdam) on 8 June. Thereafter we will be in Luxembourg on June 23rd and in Brussels on June 25th. Places are limited, so don’t wait to sign up to take part in these free events!

Founder of Paralegal Network Benelux

Malika Maanani is the founder of Paralegal Network Benelux. With more than thirty years’ international experience as a Paralegal, she has worked in America and various countries within EMEA (Europe, Middle East en Africa).

"I started my career at a Notary office in Corporate Law, but later switched to an in-house Legal Department at multinational corporations. I have worked in various legal areas, from litigation to compliance, in diverse organizations.

As a Paralegal, I know from personal experience what a multifaceted profession this is. What matters is knowing what you’re good at and what you enjoy.”