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Paralegal Day

Your work as a paralegal can be hectic. Work pressure, deadlines, and new technology constantly demand your commitment and energy. How do you stay positive in the midst of it all? How do you ensure that your mental health does not suffer? How do you maintain a balance between work and personal life?
In short, how do you maintain control over your work and your life?
This is the theme of Paralegal Day on October 29th. Throughout the day, you will be provided with various insights and tools. There will be a special moment: the presentation of the first Paralegal Award. And, of course, there will be ample opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences with fellow paralegals!

We look forward to seeing you on October 29th!
You can sign up for this event until October 15, 2023 at 3:00 PM.


Date coming soon
October 29, 2023


Time coming soon
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam Javakade 766, 1019 SH Amsterdam - (The Netherlands)

A gift for yourself

The best investment you can make is in yourself. The only thing that nobody can ever take away from you is your knowledge and skills. Those are yours forever. They determine your added value. So, there is no greater gift than giving knowledge and wisdom to yourself. During Paralegal Day, we have a great program for you with fantastic speakers. You will also learn a lot here.


Erik Wegewijs

Resilience, focus, and mindset: during his time with the Korps Commandotroepen, Erik Wegewijs learned what it takes to perform at the highest physical and mental level. Both individually and as a team where Erik was a leader. During Paralegal Day on October 29th, he will share his valuable insights from this period with you and translate his lessons learned to your personal and work context.

Youssef Akhnikh

"There is more in you than you think," Youssef Akhnikh, a trainer, national and international referee, and former professional kickboxer, firmly believes in that. During Paralegal Day, he will show you how you can also bring out the best in yourself. How he will do that? We'll keep that a secret for now, but 'fitness and health' will be at the center.

Bastiaan Meijer

"In a world where everything revolves around likes, appreciation, and opinions, it seems to be forgotten to listen to each other. That's a shame because people have so much to say if you simply listen," says Bastiaan Meijer, journalist and podcast maker. On October 29th, he will be the moderator at Paralegal Day.

Malika Maanani

"For over 25 years, the world of legal departments has been my world, and during those years, I have seen the work change significantly. Social, legal, and technological developments (such as artificial intelligence) have an impact on the role of legal support functions and the content of the work.

Are you a paralegal or legal assistant? Especially for you, I have founded the Paralegal Network Benelux, a place where you can meet each other for information, development/training, networking, and exchange. And where I would like to show you all the possibilities. I have personally experienced how rich, interesting, and enjoyable the work as a paralegal can be if you are willing to seize opportunities and invest in yourself.

Are you curious about my experiences? I would be happy to share them with you during the Paralegal Day on October 29th in Amsterdam. A day specially designed for you as a paralegal and/or legal support professional!"

Meet nice people

During this day, you will also meet many like-minded, inspiring people, and you can establish valuable connections with colleagues. We will provide you with insights and tools: How to maintain control over your work and life?

The participation fee for National Paralegal Day is €119,00 (Including 21% VAT)

(Including lunch, snacks and drinks)